Monday, December 10, 2007

Reviewing now

Cant wait?? Check it out!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Buffy Forums

Well i cant go past the forums that started my interest in all things related (its a word?) anyway this site is an amazing community of Buffnuts who love chatting everything Whedonverse (all hail) you can really feel like you are part of something much bigger with awesome games, rambly chat and deep in depth diagnosis of the shows. You can lose yourself in the hours of related talk without the spam! There are also more then two users on line at once unlike other forums. You can really make awesome friends on the forum, a brilliant site i give it a 9/10 check it out click on the banner to be magically whisked there!!
Buffy Forums- 9/10

Much Ado About Buffy

My first visit is to chosentwo an awesome fun site with heaps of games and fun facts also links to the slayerverse i found this site easy to use read and navigate the set up is awesome and unlike other sites the update is not the best but in this time of Buffyless...ness its as good as it could get i highly recommend using this site and give it a score of 8/10...Oh and try the quizzes if your good you could get a small prize!!

Welcome Buffy fans

Welcome to my blog of everything Buffy related here i will review related buffy sites and put up links i will tell you about all the sites and how good or bad they are so if your looking for anything buffy check here first your one shop stop to the world of buffy!!

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