Monday, June 30, 2008

William the bloody

Spike loved by all several times by Buffy anyway enough talk about the vampire and on to his official site another awesome site about an actor! James Marsters fans would have already found this site and raved about it but theres one thing they haven't done and thats read my post on it, so as you would already know the site is updated fairly regularly and also posts dates and places of where James will be appearing and it seems he loves the comic cons...a lot. So before you see him in Dragon ball Z visit his site! Cheers, Damo.


Petra ~ said...

oh sweet! And to think you dropped in on my blog as Ramblingman. This blog would have gotten you IMMEDIATE results as I am a diehard Buffy fan. Well, up until the last season. It got kinda lame at that point.But the finale was awesome!

Oh and James is F'N HOT

SupComTabz said...

Hi Damo!

Tabz here from Buffy Between the Lines, I was wondering if you'd like to swap links with our site? :)

Lemme know!


Damian (666) said...

Sorry about the late response people i will get back to you Tabz for sure!

April said...

i just love that damn " William the Bloody" grrrrr

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