Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Willow the teenage lesbian witch ....awesome heres a site thats excellent if you're a willow fan its all about her! It has pictures, biography, filmography and all the other cool stuff, as well as it being a cool looking site and did anyone say naked pics? well bad luck there aren't any but check it out you'll love it! I will also give you a link the Alyson Hannigan Appreciation Society for all your updated Alyson news!...for free!! aren't i nice. Cheers, Damo


~Static~ said...

OOOh yeah, she is so hawt & innocent looking to boot. Makes me wanna defecate in her mouth and spunk in her face. =p

Not really. Ok, maybe a little bit. Just a squirt or two.

Dr. Jay SW said...

Man, do I love Willow...can't tell you how relieved I was to find out that she was actually not only of legal age but in her '20's during the entire run of Buffy (not that I've actually managed to get a date with her or anything...)

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